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Covid -19 and the need of Digitalisation in Pharma industries

Pharma companies are in a race to develop medicine and vaccine against the Covid-19. The industry needs to run with new rules, regulations and shift rapidly according to the demand of the changing situation across the globe. Pharma companies play a vital role in producing life-saving drugs and other medical necessaries to control the pandemic. [...]

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Analyze your component in food: Food safety & quality control

The food industry has been adversely affected by the pandemic. But the food industry can’t be halted even for a day even for the prevention of the pandemic. This article explains the measures taken by food industry to control the pandemic and how they are in a vigil in every step. Pandemic like the recent [...]

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The complete covid-19 screening solution with us

Emphor LAS has a full range of Covid-19 screening solutions which can help healthcare works and other essential workers to stay safe. The equipment also helps the scientific world to understand and study the virus to develop a possible vaccination for Covid-19. Screening for Covid-19 patients is the need of the hour and Emphor LAS [...]

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Safe and sustainable handling of laboratory glassware

Borosil manufactures some of the best glassware. Glassware in the laboratory must be handled with care and safety. This article explains tips in holding glassware in every laboratory. Laboratories are cautious workspaces which involve various types of equipment and chemicals. Laboratory glassware is fragile and can be easily broken. The glassware made for laboratory purposes [...]

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Online Shopping at Emphor LAS

With Covid-19 pandemic spreading across the globe, businesses are turning online. Emphor LAS, an essential scientific world complimenting business has now started providing certain products online. Read on to know more about online shopping in the times of Covid-19. Shopping behaviour is changing rapidly with the outbreak of a pandemic. Covid-19 has made customers stay [...]

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COVID-19 early detection kits to keep away your worries.

The Covid-19 infection has infected more than half a million population of the world and it's still spreading, taking a toll on human lives. Governments across the world have ordered emergency curfews and lockdowns to contain and control the infection. The World Health Organization states that a vaccine for Covid-19 is 8- 12 months away. [...]

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Choosing right chemicals

Quite often, it happens that a laboratory experiment does not yield the desired result, and it becomes a tedious task to find where the error has occurred. Volumetric calibration, concentration of chemicals used, purity of solvents and reagents, minute changes in simulation environments and a combination of all the above may play a significant role [...]

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How to choose the best glassware for labs

Stressing the importance of using the best glassware is never enough when it comes to lab safety. A 2014 incident at the chemistry lab of the award-winning Beacon School at Manhattan, USA, was linked to methanol streaks in a laboratory flask which was later used for an experiment for burning nitrates. Two tenth graders suffered [...]

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Scientific Equipment Suppliers in the UAE

To increase the volume and duration of rainfall here in the UAE, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) carried out 187 cloud seeding operations in 2018 – accounting for 10-15% of the country’s rainfall. Using weather surveillance radars to monitor ‘seedable’ clouds, NCM launches aircrafts carrying salt crystals mixed with sodium chloride, magnesium, and potassium [...]

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Life – Science Equipment Suppliers in the UAE

Emphor LAS- UAE’s internal supplier of life science equipment contributes to region’s innovation growth The UAE is a market of imported goods, hence, in order to flourish as the global center hub of innovation, industrial sectors in the UAE strive to discover their own innovative agenda to contribute to the betterment of the economy. Presently, [...]

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