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How to choose the best glassware for labs

Stressing the importance of using the best glassware is never enough when it comes to lab safety. A 2014 incident at the chemistry lab of the award-winning Beacon School at Manhattan, USA, was linked to methanol streaks in a laboratory flask which was later used for an experiment for burning nitrates. Two tenth graders suffered [...]

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Scientific Equipment Suppliers in the UAE

To increase the volume and duration of rainfall here in the UAE, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) carried out 187 cloud seeding operations in 2018 – accounting for 10-15% of the country’s rainfall. Using weather surveillance radars to monitor ‘seedable’ clouds, NCM launches aircrafts carrying salt crystals mixed with sodium chloride, magnesium, and potassium [...]

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Life – Science Equipment Suppliers in the UAE

Emphor LAS- UAE’s internal supplier of life science equipment contributes to region’s innovation growth The UAE is a market of imported goods, hence, in order to flourish as the global center hub of innovation, industrial sectors in the UAE strive to discover their own innovative agenda to contribute to the betterment of the economy. Presently, [...]

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Consumables Suppliers in the UAE

Emphor LAS-Dubai supplies quality consumable laboratory equipment to withstand any environmental conditions Every passing year a series of factors, including plants and microbes, are responsible for climate change. Microbes exist all around us every day, whether harmful or harmless, millions die and millions replace them, and the whole process is invisible to the naked eye. [...]

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Lab equipment suppliers in the UAE

Emphor LAS- UAE’s internal laboratory supplier helps expand medical reach Climate change and digitalization have transformed the lifestyle of the current generation. Due to an increase in the number of drugs and decrease in organic production to sustain natural resources, a person’s health is compromised many times. This has resulted in an increased demand of [...]

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Chromatography, the much-needed life science innovation for your lab

Almost like a magician's wand, chromatography reveals all secrets. Not yours but that of any compound or biomolecule that you put through it. From simple breaking down of molecules present in a medicine, plant, blood samples to that in cigarette smoke, it also helps in detecting antibodies. Put in any complex mixture or sample in [...]

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Emphor LAS – Laboratory Equipment Supplier in Dubai, UAE, Middle East

Laboratory Equipment Supplier in Dubai Whether it be for school, college or a professional lab; it is integral to have an array of reliable laboratory equipment. You require these tools to gather, measure and analyse data from performing various experiments. Laboratory equipment for life analytical science is changing rapidly. Equipment that is more reliable, efficient [...]

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