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  • AutoFlex-R837

    AutoFlex R837 – A  Flexible Automated Laboratory Sample Handling System for Labs

    Total Flexibility for high throughput labs measuring  Density, Specific Gravity, Refractive Index, Color, and pH utilizing the R837 Automated Laboratory Sample Handling System.
  • Easy-Clean-System
    The Rudolph Research ECS (Easy Clean System) is a perfect instrument combination for Laboratories where a high volume of daily samples are required.
  • Instrument-Combinations-
    Many users need to measure both refractive index and density and feel that a combined system will be a good alternative.  The advantages of such a system are many;
    • Since parts are shared the total cost of the system may be less.
    • There may be less operator time needed to load and clean the system.
    • Many laboratories combine the density and refractive index results and use them to calculate a third parameter.  Having both results exported into the same file makes the calculations easier.