Extraction Unit E-812 / E-816 SOX

///Extraction Unit E-812 / E-816 SOX
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Extraction Unit E-812 / E-816 SOX

Perform fat determination on two or six food and feed samples simultaneously at the push of a button. As the only automated real Soxhlet instrument the E-812 / E-816 SOX is fully in accordance with officially approved methods.


Product Description


Save time and money

  • Run 6 samples simultaneously by just pushing one button
  • Reduced solvent consumption and lower running costs
  • High speed heating with ceramic plates and individual heating zones
  • Achieve the best reproducibility thanks to time AND cycle control

Easy to use

  • Quick method selection of the entire process including rinsing and drying
  • Intelligent heating power selection by using the solvent library
  • Unattended operation due to cycle and/or time monitoring

Safe and compliant

  • Minimized solvent emissions thanks to z-seal-system and high performance condenser
  • Optimal recycling as a result of a cooled solvent tank (recovery > 90 %)
  • No risk of burns by effective shielding and heating control
  • The SOX configuration is a fully compliant real Soxhlet apparatus



Unique: Automated and accelerated Soxhlet extraction


Official method for many extractions, e.g. total fat determination. Due to the level adjustment, the cycle throughput is increased, which makes a real Soxhlet extraction fast and efficient

Clever menu navigation and solvent library

Easy to understand from the beginning. Choose your solvent and respective settings are loaded. No time-consuming application work necessary.

Best solvent recovery rates

Insulated tank with condenser, no unpleasant odor even with petroleum ether.

High speed heating

Ceramic surface with integrated individual heating zones. Every heating plate
reaches boiling point within five minutes.
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